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Sign in to Badoo, check if any of your friends are around, find someone who's online or playing the Encounters game. Moscow is full of surprises.

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You'll always find friends and acquaintances who share your interests. In the summer it's so tempting to go for a motorcycle ride along the Garden Ring Road at night, stopping to see motorcycling friends on the Sparrow Hills Vorobyovy Gory. Strolling along the boulevards and lanes of Arbat is a pleasure, and Novodevichy Pond Park is especially great for long walks with a dog.

10 Moscow Dating Tips | TrulyRussian Blog

Enjoy all this and more - join Badoo for free, today! The funniest pickup attempt was when an eight-year-old boy came up to me on a beach; he had an iPhone which was playing a dirty rap song. I laughed and went away. But he kept following me, asking me to give him a chance.

Julia, 20 left with her sisterJulia: Men try to talk to me quite often. The most memorable time was when a young man held the closing doors of a Metro train so I could enter. He then told me: He and some other guys tried to pull me away.

Meet new people in Moscow

Thankfully, my friends were nearby. They saw what was happening and rushed to me. There was a fight and a couple of guys ended up in hospital. In order to be successful with a girl, a guy should be charismatic.

Moscow Fast Dating Club

He should exude energy and positivity but in a polite manner. Anastasiya, 24 left , Juliya, 20 right Once a man in his forties approached us in a cafe. He introduced himself as an Arab sheikh living in one of the Baltic States. But the funniest thing about him was that he was wearing a fake crocodile skin coat.

As he offered us drinks, he told us about his extrasensory powers but failed to demonstrate any of those. One of his stories was about his ex-wife. When they do, they often do it the wrong way.

I asked if this was appropriate? He was already flirting with the lady but now disturbed.

10 Moscow Dating Tips

This is not how speed dating works in Europe and America. He was totally right. Later the event begins they want the men to sit at one of the ladies tables. But men are waaay too much. So first I sat at a nice ladies table,began to try to communicate with her. We only have 5 minutes and I my Russian is poor. At the second minute a Russian guy sits at our table and wants to flirt with the same lady I do???

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He say too me why did you come here do you not have nice women at home as if we do not have one million Russian people at our home, men or woman This is what happent more men are attending the event and the organization accepts any number of people regardless of the balance of men or woman.

So do not go to this event do not let your friends go unless they correct their service. It is not nice to date or flirt in threesome. We invite you to join us for a fast-paced evening of meeting new singles, enjoying great drinks, and non-stop laughter! Every few minutes, we will have you rotate and meet someone new.

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During this Flirt Party, boredom is not an option! When the final round is over you will mix, mingle and dance!

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Enjoyment and excitement is the name of the game at this event! Smolenskaja filevskaja , ul Smolenskaja d. It's holiday time and we have a great event to help you celebrate the season and - -perhaps - - find a date for New Year's Eve! Slip into that sparkly outfit, drag out your holiday tie and spend an evening with other singles to kick off the holiday season in a fun and elegant way! Get together with other professional singles or bring a friend to mix and mingle with others who are excited to meet you.

Know the language

To register call or visit our web-site www. At the start of the event, everyone is given a nametag with a first name and a number. You just need to enter your name into the draw and you will be in with a chance of winning a set of 2 tickets for one of our Moscow Speed Dating events! You will be entered into a draw to win free places!