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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. As Naruto Gaiden is animated in Boruto Next Generations, Naruto fans have watched as Uchiha Sarada has doubted her heritage, especially when it came to her mother Sakura. When taking a look back on the series as a whole, that really is not surprising, as Uchiha Sasuke has shown little to no affection towards his new family.

At the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, Team 7 has disbanded to train on their own terms, each with a different Sannin member.

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Sasuke remains with Orochimaru, but Sakura and Naruto reunite after two years apart. The two rekindle their friendship and recreate Team 7 with Sai. Without Sasuke, Sakura spends most of her time with Naruto. She uses him to fill the void in her life, to the point she goes on dates with him.

She knows his feelings for her, and knows she doesn't reciprocate them, but does it anyway. With Sakura's devotion to loving Sasuke and Naruto's friendship, she shouldn't have done such a mixed singalled, cruel thing to her best friend. Sasuke leaves his family for 12 years to go on missions. While he's protecting their village, he is neglecting his wife and daughter. The least he could do is write, send pictures back and forth, maybe know what his daughter looks like nowadays.

SasuSaku | Naruto Couples Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

However, Sasuke doesn't even do that. Messages might be hard to send and at some times could jeopardize missions, but there had to be times that communication was possible. After all, he must being sending word back to Naruto about missions. It makes no sense that Sasuke couldn't have sent his family sparse letters to show them his love and affection.

Though they love one another, Sasuke and Sakura have a severe communication issue. Between parenting, going on missions, expressing feelings, all of it, Sasuke doesn't often say the things he should. This communication issue comes to a head during a moment in Sakura's Hidden Novel. There are rumors circulating that Sasuke could be evil again. She wants to defend him, but she has to be honest that she doesn't know. She hasn't heard enough of him to answer the question honestly. Sakura's inability to know if the man she loves is evil again reveals a glaring flaw in their relationship, one that doesn't make much sense.

Sakura started loving Sasuke when she was a little girl. The crush sprang from his looks and his abilities.

She saw how he was in class and became infatuated. When she obsessed about being on his team, his opinion, his growth and strengths as a ninja, and her thoughts always lingered to him. Her crush grew into a deeper, more balanced love, where Sakura starts to think more on her own. In Boruto , Sakura and Ino go to hang out at an overlook by the ocean. Her frienc mentions that she knows this is where the Uchiha couple had their first date. Embarrassed, Sakura says it was only two and a half minutes.

However, she admits the place brings back fond memories of him. The place clearly means a lot to her, just because she was there with Sasuke. Yet, their first date barely lasted a few bits of dialogue. After war and the world nearly ending, fans would think Sasuke might want to enjoy the company of his new love. Sakura has a hard time, raising their daughter alone while he's far away.

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Though she insists their love is strong and they show their intimacy differently, she clearly struggles with several insecurities. At the mere suggestion that she's not his wife, Sakura breaks down her own house with a punch to the ground.

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The question isn't even from some rival or enemy - it's from her frustrated and confused daughter. If their love is as strong as she insists, Sakura shouldn't be so easily sensitive about their relationship. Throughout Naruto , Sakura put Sasuke before everything. Before her friendships, such as Ino and Naruto and ahead of her safety, trying to bring him back home and, later, to end his madness.

On the opposite end, Sasuke never puts Sakura first. He may love her, but his priorities lie first and foremost with protecting the village and succeeding in his missions. Their love and marriage are painfully uneven, and it doesn't make sense for a lasting union to be that way.

Boruto Voice Actors Tease Sasuke & Sakura's Upcoming Storylines

Though, it seems to be the way they have decided to do things. After the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke leaves town to atone for his sins. The first time, he tells Sakura thank you and says he will come back home. Though, to follow Sasuke, Sakura had to abandon her life as a Konohakagure shinobi and follow whatever missions he might decide to be on. She spent years training for her work and position, only to drop it all to be by his side.

As dedicated as she was, it makes no sense for her to give up her life to follow him.

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Especially when, later, he only leaves her all over again. At one point, Sasuke was an international criminal being hunted by most all shinobi. He had committed heinous crimes against others, including attacks, theft, deception, and taking lives. Despite this, though, Sakura loves him. She says it's because she sees the real him underneath it all, and hopes the person he was will return.

Even though it comes true, that belief is senseless. Sasuke cruelly attacked, insulted, and undermined her as a ninja and as a person. Sakura loving the old Sasuke makes sense, but the new one should have destroyed her romantic interest in him. The most alarming and troubling facts about their relationship is that Sasuke tried to destroy her. When he was knee-deep in his quest for power, no one mattered but him and his brother. Neither of his two closest friends, Naruto or Sakura, would be allowed to get in his way.

When Sakura begs for a second time to come back, that they could be happy together, he quite literally tries to crush her heart. If her love for him hadn't shattered before, that moment should have done it. However, the couple married regardless. True love conquers even purposefully endangering a partner's life, it seems. Let us know in the comments! We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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Sasuke Visited Sakura at her home , Naruto Limited Tsukuyomi

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