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Or possibly the center terminal on the sending unit itself is grounding out against the body of the car. If you have a or Ohm sender then the sender may not have a proper ground or there is a break in the sender lead wire. If you cannot make your gauge read anything but full then depending on your ohm range you may have one of the following problems:.

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If you have a , or Ohm sender then the sender may not have a proper ground or there is a break in the sender lead wire. If you have a or Ohm sender then most likely your sender lead wire is grounding out somewhere. Our tanks are set up for the standard SAE 5-hole bolt pattern used by all of the aftermarket gauge manufacturers. The 5-holes are not evenly spaced. Two of the holes are farther apart than the other holes. If you are holding the sender with those two holes closest to your body, the hole directly across is known as the index hole. If the float swings to the right, it is a right-swing sender.

If it swings to the left, it is a left-swing sender.

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Your fuel gauge is simply reading a resistance to ground. Because your gauge is simply reading the amount of resistance to ground this sender will work regardless of the voltage of your car. Fuel senders have a rheostat that provides a resistance to ground.

As the fuel arm moves from the empty to the full position a contact is moved across the board on the rheostat which varies the resistance seen by the fuel gauge. For example a 69 Camaro has a ohm fuel sender. When the sender is at the empty position the rheostat is not creating any resistance to ground zero ohms.

Autometer Fuel Gauge Install no worky - : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum

When the fuel sender is in the full position the rheostat is creating 90 ohms of resistance to ground. Because the gauge is reading a resistance to ground having proper grounding of the sending unit is essential to get an accurate reading on your fuel gauge. A fuel sender can be bench tested with a multimeter. Record your readings with the fuel sender in the empty position and in the full position.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

Those two numbers will tell you the ohm range is of your sender. The first step would be to make sure that you have the proper ohm range fuel sender to match your gauges. For example a ohm fuel sender would read backwards on a ohm fuel gauge. If you find you have the correct ohm range fuel sender make sure that the float arm is installed on the correct side.

The front of the rheostat shows which side the float should stick out from. That should tell you if your sender is bad. I think that you need a power wire in there somewhere, but I can't remember if that is just for the light. If it goes to full and past it sounds like the sender. The Sender varies the ground resistance of the gauge to give the indication of how much fuel is in the tank.

So 12v isn't going into a tank of gas.

Remove and test sender. Also ringout ohm out the wire from sender to gauge. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. I would double check all the grounds before I would go to the effort to get to the sender. A bad ground can also make the gauge read past full.

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  7. Originally Posted by Snowbird In other words, you don't know anything about his problem. Sounds like your sender to me. To bad they are such a bitch to get out. You could just do like the previous owner of my blazer did, and cut a 12x12 hole in the floor to replace it. When a GM fuel gauge needle goes past full, there's no sender connected.

    How to install aftermarket fuel gauge and temp gauge : Mustang Foxbody

    When the needle goes below empty, the sender wire is shorted to ground. Try shorting the wire going to the sender to ground. It won't hurt it.

    Universal Fuel Sender Questions and Troubleshooting

    If the needle moves, the wire is good and the sender is bad. If it doesn't move, the wire is bad somewhere. And if your gauge still moves with the ignition off, then you're not hooked to "ignition", you're hooked to constant hot. It snows in July. Marauding Polar bears ate my neighbor. Last edited by Duallie; at There is a bad connection someplace. Set up the entire circuit on the bench to eliminate any used wiring.

    Look for poor crimps and rotten wire. Make that gauge be your bitch!

    Aftermarket Fuel Gauge

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